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Bringing Order To Inventory Chaos

A new era in inventory and supply chain management for ship owners and managers
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Our solution uses RFID, AI and ML to capture accurate inventory data and help you optimise consumption and procurement

Our Story

Our Vision

“The shipping industry suffers from a lack of accurate data around spare parts storage and consumption.
The SparesCNX solution gives shipping companies clarity on what exactly is onboard fleet wide, which exact location each part exists, and the consumption patterns around these parts.
Once these questions are addressed companies can greatly improve cash flow management around spares.”
CEO, SparesCNX

Johnny Slattery

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Our Value Proposition  

Ship Owners and Managers

Delivering accurate real-time data around spares inventory levels, enabling tighter management of cash-flow and reduced environmental impact around procurement.

Onboard Crews

Reduced time to locate spares, standardised inventory management SOPs across vessels, and greatly reduced time required to complete bi-annual reconciliation.


Real-time notification of delivery of parts, enabling quicker payment cycles, and increased visibility and trust around the spare parts supply chain.

Our Product Suite  


Reduces the risk of holding insufficient or excess quantities of spare parts. Improves accuracy of onboard inventory data, and drastically reduces time needed for biannual reconciliation.


Provides unparalleled visibility on inventory levels across entire fleets, enabling tighter management of cash-flow and reduced environmental impact relating to the procurement process.


Allows real-time updates on the delivery of parts to vessels, reducing the risk of discrepancies and giving more security to shipping companies and suppliers alike.
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