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A new era in supply chain management for ship owners and managers

Inventory inaccuracy cost the global shipping industry up to $2 Billion (USD) annually.
We have developed an integrated hardware and software solution to alleviate this problem by monitoring the location and use of spares within the spares room using IoT technology.

Our solution provides highly accurate consumption data and analytics, which enables an improved procurement process, generating significant cost savings.
Oil tanker at the port using supply chain management solution SparesCNX
Maximum transparency
Our solution enables full visibility of spare part stock levels onboard, resulting in better inventory management and useful guidance for smart procurement
SparesCNX delivers data and information in a user-friendly way, both to the crew onboard and to the technical and procurement teams ashore
We have designed our solution bottom-up, alongside crew members and technical management teams, every step of the way

We understand your challenges

Inaccurate and inefficient inventory control has major cost implications for ship owners. 80% of shipping companies have inventory inaccuracy as their top pain point:

It is frustrating – we are ordering the same parts twice, or ordering the wrong parts.

Procurement director
Major container operator

What is actually on board versus what the system says is on board just do not match.

Tanker, bulk and container shipowner
Limited optimisation opportunities
Lack of visibility of spare part requirements for each vessel, and thus across the entire fleet, makes it harder to aggregate volumes and consolidate procurement, or to engage in strategic bulk purchasing, resulting in lost unit cost saving opportunities
Logistics costs
Last minute ordering can result in considerably higher logistics costs, both due to the urgency but also as delivery sometimes take place in remote or expensive locations
Urgent orders
As much as 20% of spare part purchases are made as urgent or emergency orders, which can be up to 3x more expensive, while putting more pressure on the superintendents and procurement team
Up to 30% of spares are ordered in excess due to inaccurate inventory and because individual spare parts can’t be found onboard the vessel. This is equivalent of up to $8 billion worth of excess stock across the shipping industry

Selected features that unlock the value immediately

Smart tagging
We have developed proprietary tags and a method to create a unique digital ID for spare parts
Inventory systems management integration
We will link to your inventory management system, so that it can accurately update with SparesCNX data.
Find lost spares
Our mobile solution helps you to find misplaced spares in a cluttered spares room
Exact spares location
Our dashboard clearly displays the spare part location within the storeroom down to zone or shelf level
Digital dashboard
Crew members can interact with the SparesCNX interface and find out where spares are stored, what spares they need to order, when they need to order
Data analytics
Technical and procurement management can get access to inventory and consumption analytics, to help procurement planning and decision making
How it works
Spare parts are tagged with our proprietary tags and unique digital ID solution, either at origin or by the crew on delivery onboard the vessel
Automated check in
Proprietary tags on the spares interact with our solution to allow automatic registration of incoming items
Search and find
Locate tagged spares anywhere on the vessel using our mobile devices
Automated check out
Our solution enables automatic registration of spare parts consumed

We take care of all installation and training

Spare room after transformation using inventory solution SparesCNX
SparesCNX will install the hardware and software and deliver a ready-to-use solution on your vessel with a fully updated inventory in three easy steps:
Our installation team will review the plan of the vessel’s spares store room and plan out the installation of hardware as well as timing and logistics of the onboard installation
Installation of hardware and software onboard: SparesCNX engineers will join the vessel during a port call or dry-docking, install and test the software, readers and dashboard hardware
Our engineers will sort and tag important spare part in the store room, and the installed readers will register each spare, updating the inventory in our application, while training the ships’ engineers in using the solution
Once everything is set up, our Engineers will disembark in the next port.
We are working with major suppliers and manufacturers to arrange for tagging at source, so that future spare part deliveries arrive on the ship pre-tagged.
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