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Our vision

The SparesCNX vision is to optimise the ship supply chain process by providing an automated inventory management and tracking solution for spare parts, thereby improving the procurement process and reducing costs both for buyers and suppliers.
Making inventory solutions easy and accessible for everyone
The idea for SparesCNX was conceived in 2018 when a major ship owning and industrial group teamed up with a leading digital venture company to identify the most pressing challenges in the industry and how they might be addressed.

The inaccuracy of inventory in the ship supply chain was identified as a major friction area, impacting the procurement process and thus operating costs materially.
The partners built SparesCNX’s hardware and software solution, working closely with crew members, technical management teams and suppliers of spare parts, which has now been installed and tested on pilot vessels and validated across the industry.

SparesCNX is now launching our solution to the global shipping and maritime industry, providing opportunity for ship owners, managers and suppliers to share the benefits.
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Leadership team
Lars Rosenkrands General Manager SparesCNX
John Slattery
John Slattery Head of Product SparesCNX
Felix Tang
Felix Tang Head of Operations SparesCNX
Derek Tang
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