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Make Better Decisions with Real-Time Data Across Your Spare Parts Supply Chain

Introducing PROPELLER our novel RFID inventory management solution powered by proprietary hardware, software, and onboard change management – all in seamless interaction.

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About us

Bringing Order To Inventory Chaos

SparesCNX’s PROPELLER is a novel IoT inventory management solution powered by hardware, software, RFID technology, and human interaction that creates transparency, connectivity and optimization throughout the spare parts supply chain.
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What we are solving

Industry Pain Points

We know that 80% of vessels have inaccurate inventory data, costing the shipping industry over $2 billion dollars every year.
This inaccuracy makes it hard for seafarers and engineers to carry out their day-to-day work onboard the vessels, wasting thousands of hours per year – time that could be freed up to conduct more value-added work.

80% inaccurate inventory data

including spares not on board but in the ERP system, and vice-versa

100+ days per year wasted per vessel

due to inefficient processes, looking for lost spares and doing manual reconciliations

30% excess spares held on board

due to a lack of understanding of safety levels for each spare part onboard, vessels are overstocked

$50K+ yearly in missed procurement opportunities per vessel

due to urgent orders surcharges and inability to procure proactively or in bulk without accurate data

Our solution

Designed for seafarers by seafarers after spending over 1000+ hours onboard vessels
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PROPELLER is our flagship inventory management solution powered by proprietary hardware, software, and onboard change management – all in seamless interaction. Our software solution is powered by predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, enabling optimized replenishment per vessel and on the fleet level – all to simplify the handling of the spare parts throughout the supply chain.

Produce and use accurate, real-time data to make faster and better decisions across the spare part supply chain by:

Reducing time spent on day to day operations through novel hardware and IoT solution RFID technology together with ERP agnostic software
Lowering spend on spare parts by empowering the procurement departments with accurate data and machine learning and A.I powered software
Lessen environmental impact by eliminating unnecessary truck deliveries of spare parts to the vessels


Our Product Suite

PROPELLER Ship ensures engineers maintain accurate inventory onboard. Achieving this by digitizing workflows at the time and place of their work. The device interacts with the spare parts using RFID and all data flows seamlessly to the existing PMS or ERP systems.There are novel time-saving features such as “find parts” and “digital stock reconciliation”and parts manuals onboard are available digitally within the tablet.


Features & Benefits

Find misplaced spare parts with the RFID radar function

Built in RFID radar function enables crew to find spares located outside defined location

Automatically update ERP

Intuitive end-to-end workflows with automatic ERP writeback reduce the need to log in to the computer to manually update goods delivered / work orders

Digital spare part manuals

Digital equipment manuals now available, allowing engineers to access the knowledge base right from the tablet.

Optimized stock reconciliation

Automated stock reconciliation via RFID radar function on the tablet, reducing the need for additional manpower and time taken to complete

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PROPELLER Shore is an AI-driven analytics and purchase recommendation engine that aggregates data from all vessels. This empowers managers and procurement officers with fleet-wide visibility at the SKU level and provides actionable insights for stock level optimization, rebalancing, and forward bulk procurement, among other cost-reducing opportunities.


Features & Benefits

Reduce excess inventory

Rightsize spare part inventory levels will result in less excess buying and waste

Reduce urgent orders

Reduce the need for urgent orders due to accurate real-time inventory data and easily search for spare parts

Reduction of PO

Fewer POs allows for purchasing optimization and less time spent on administrative work

Optimize procurement

Real-time vessel views, fleet-wide analysis and comparative views of spare part inventory and PO status eliminate the time needed to aggregate and compare data manually

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PROPELLER Supply enables tracking along the supply chain. SparesCNX is building a network of spare part manufacturers, traders, suppliers, and freight forwarders who can pre-assign tags to their spares. As shipments move along the supply chain, agents can get status updates from the origin point until goods are delivered on board, and access insights that can assist with their inventory planning.


Features & Benefits

Overall PO status dashboard

Get in-depth statistics and breakdowns of your POs based on their delivery and storage status

Real-time web & email notifications

Receive live notifications once parts are delivered and checked in by vessels

Line-item granularity

PO and line item information are synchronised with the customer’s system, providing detailed views of parts that need tagging

Flexible tagging system

Parts can be tagged at the individual level or as a bundle, providing flexibility according to your packing methods

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Reduce your spare parts inventory cost and handling by > 10%

Landing Page - Inventory Chaos #2

PROPELLER – Solution Benefits

Financial Savings

Through the transformation process, PROPELLER has enriched data for over 95% of spares by adding photos, manuals, digital labels and other vital information
Spare Parts Transformation

Immediate value creation from spare part room transformation driven by improved inventory accuracy

Excess Inventory

Accurate inventory leads to reduced inventory stock holding

PROPELLER – Solution Benefits

Recurring Savings

PROPELLER – Solution Benefits

Time Savings

2 months stock reconciliation,
completed in less than 1 day
Testing 17 marine engineers on 4 vessels, PROPELLER scored a usability score of


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Landing Page - Inventory Chaos #2

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