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SCNX’s PROPELLER is a novel IoT inventory management solution powered by hardware, software, RFID technology, and human interaction that creates transparency, connectivity and optimisation throughout the spare parts supply chain.

PROPELLER Ship puts real-time inventory visibility

PROPELLER Ship ensures engineers maintain accurate inventory onboard by digitizing workflows at the time and place of their work. The device interacts with the spare parts using RFID and all data flows seamlessly to the existing PMS or ERP systems. There are novel time-saving features such as “find parts” and “digital stock reconciliation”and parts manuals onboard are available digitally within the tablet.

PROPELLER Shore is an AI-driven analytics and recommendation engine that aggregates data from all vessels. This empowers managers and procurement officers with fleet-wide visibility and comparative views at the SKU level, and provides actionable insights for stock level optimization and proactive procurement, among other cost-reducing opportunities.

PROPELLER Shore brings AI-driven actionable insights to onshore managers


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