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Bringing supply chain management into an integrated future

Automated delivery confirmation. Strong sales analytics.
SparesCNX provides an integrated hardware and software solution giving ship owners better inventory control, which enable a smoother order flow, ensuring you don’t miss sales due to short lead times.

By using our proprietary tagging technology, you receive automatic delivery notification when your spares are delivered to a vessel.

Our powerful analytics platform helps plan sales cycles and enable you to anticipate orders.
Certainty of delivery
You receive an automatic delivery notification when your spare part order is delivered to a vessel using our solution enabling easy reconciliation of so spares sent versus received
Smoother order flow
SparesCNX enables buyers to optimise their procurement process resulting in better lead times and a smoother order flow so you can plan your inventory levels better
Sales analytics
Our analytics dashboard helps you plan sales and predict demand

We know you have challenges

Inaccurate inventory management on ships results in a variety of challenges in the spare parts supply chain.
Woman using optimized warehouse inventory solution SparesCNX
Optimizing warehouse inventory
Urgent, irregular and late ordering makes it harder to optimise utilization in your warehouse and drives up costs
Inconsistent sales cycles
Urgent ordering can result in loss of sale due to out of stock product
Lack of proof of delivery results in late payment
Delays in confirmation of receipt of orders can cause disputes over items sent versus received and slow down the payment cycle

A streamlined, simple process

Tagging made easy: SparesCNX provides our pilot-suppliers with access to our software solution, proprietary tags and printers.
Step 1
Auto-generated IDs,
based on PO information
Step 2
Attach the tags
to the spares and ship them
Step 3
Your products are fully
integrated into SparesCNX
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