Designed for seafarers by seafarers after spending over 1000+ hours onboard vessels



PROPELLER Ship ensures engineers maintain accurate inventory onboard. Achieving this by digitizing workflows at the time and place of their work. The device interacts with the spare parts using RFID and all data flows seamlessly to the existing PMS or ERP systems.There are novel time-saving features such as “find parts” and “digital stock reconciliation”and parts manuals onboard are available digitally within the tablet.


Features & Benefits

Find misplaced spare parts with the RFID radar function

Built in RFID radar function enables crew to find spares located outside defined location

Automatically update ERP

Intuitive end-to-end workflows with automatic ERP writeback reduce the need to log in to the computer to manually update goods delivered / work orders

Digital spare part manuals

Digital equipment manuals now available, allowing engineers to access the knowledge base right from the tablet.

Optimized stock reconciliation

Automated stock reconciliation via RFID radar function on the tablet, reducing the need for additional manpower and time taken to complete

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