Real-Time Inventory Visibility at Your Fingertips

Portable tablets with integrated RFID/QR scanners, built and optimised for the harsh conditions onboard vessels.

PROPELLER Ship puts real-time inventory visibility into the hands of engineers empowering them to perform maintenance operations faster and better, while at the same time ensuring that reliable information is made available across the organisation.


A solution that engineers love


Demonstrated Benefits

>100 days

saved on board per vessel each year doing stock reconciliation and searching for parts


average time spent by engineers to find a misplaced spare with our “radar” function


average time taken for engineers to identify, tag and check-in a spare


Boost productivity and improve working conditions

IssuesOur Solution
Engineers don't update PMSThe mobile tablet will synchronise data to the PMS automatically as engineers use it to perform their work.
Maintenance is delayed due to misplaced spare partsUsing a "radar" function that leverages portable RFID technology, engineers can find lost spares in minutes
Consumed spares are not attached to work ordersEngineers can use RFID and cameras to attach proof of work and consumption details. Work orders flows are built into the tablet and data are synchronised with your PMS.
Stock count disrupts ongoing vessel operationsPROPELLER Ship comes with a built-in function that allows engineers to complete stock count in hours instead of months.
Goods delivered are not recorded on time leading to delayed closing of purchase ordersEngineers can use the tablet's camera to attach delivery notes and confirm receipt of spares on the fly. Data are synchronised to your ERP and procurement software.
Junior engineers are uncertain on how to perform certain work Digitised manuals of equipments are available in the tablet in PDFs. Additionally, engineers can scan any spare to retrieve its profile and data in seconds.
Identifying spares based on print labels and IDs is confusingAssigning tags to spares takes seconds with RFID, and there is no need to print labels , program or memorise IDs.


PROPELLER is Intuitive to Pick Up, Reliable, and Robust

Receive & Check In
Find & Consume
Stock Reconciliation

API Integration

PROPELLER integrates seamlessly with any existing planned maintenance systems (PMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP), or procurement platforms that you are using.

Inventory levels remain synchronised and accurate across your systems as PROPELLER reads and enhances data for purchase orders, work orders and stock reconciliations.

Partnered out-of-the-box integration with:

Custom integration with any other system:

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PROPELLER Ship is part of our ecosystem


Mobile RFID solution that captures accurate inventory data as work happens onboard vessels


AI/ML cloud solution that provides fleet-wide views and actionable insights to managers


Platform for manufacturers and freight forwarders to provide shipping status updates


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