Cloud Solution for Real-time Inventory

A cloud solution built for superintendents, fleet directors and procurement personnel, giving them access to near-real-time inventory data across the fleet.

PROPELLER Shore brings AI-driven actionable insights to onshore managers who can monitor the complete life-cycle of spares, from their arrival on board until they are consumed for maintenance.


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Company-wide visibility and cost-saving insights

IssuesOur Solution
Inventory data are not reliable and often outdatedInformation is being captured at the time and place of work and uploaded to the cloud in near-real-time.
It's impossible to compare stock levels between vesselsPROPELLER Shore allows you to compare stock levels and consumption patterns across your fleet for any spare part.
Variant operations make it difficult to manage multiple vesselsDue to the built-in end-to-end workflows that PROPELLER Ship comes with, data formats and operations are standardised across the fleet.
Urgent orders with excessive logistic costs are causing budget issuesWith PROPELLER, engineers on board and managers on shore can plan ahead by always knowing the current and optimal stock levels and consumption frequency of each spare part.
Discrepancies between inventory levels in books and actually onboardThe transformation process will eliminate any discrepancies, and the continuous usage of the system will ensure that the levels and value of your inventory is consistent across your organisation.

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