Real-Time Shipment Status with Supplier Integration

Manufacturers, suppliers and freight forwarders can pre-tag spares and provide shipping status updates along the supply chain.


Work with your Supply Chain to get enhanced shipment information

IssuesOur Solution
Discrepancies in the information that buyers, vessels and suppliers can accessPurchase orders are synchronised between the whole PROPELLER ecosystem and line items can be tracked by our proprietary tags.
Delayed updates for arrival of shipments at different checkpoints Updates between sites and nodes of the supply chain propagate almost immediately to the rest of informed parties
Fragmented communication between buyers and suppliersCritical information about the arrival of shipments and the condition of goods is visible through a unified ecosystem
Goods are left at 3PL sites for too long leading to unnecessary costsPartnered freight forwarders provide timely information about the goods received and status of POs.

Our Network

Having a global network of supply partners allows us to deliver greater level of innovation.  This gives both our customers and supply partners a competitive advantage over traditional purchasing practices

Freight forwarders

Manufacturers and suppliers

PROPELLER Supply is part of our ecosystem

Propeller Ship

Mobile RFID solution that captures accurate inventory data as work happens onboard vessels

Propeller Shore

AI/ML cloud solution that provides fleet-wide views and actionable insights to managers

Propeller Supply

Platform for manufacturers and freight forwarders to provide shipping status updates


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