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Bringing Order To Inventory Chaos

A Novel Solution Built with the Engineers in Mind

Our Vision

We work towards a more connected industrial landscape, where engineers have mobile, digital tools that make jobs in challenging environments easier and less time-consuming.

These benefits scale for our customers and the analytics generated provide huge value for participants connecting with us in the value chain.

Why We Exist

The shipping industry suffers from a lack of accurate data around spare parts storage and consumption. 

At SparesCNX we strive to design systems that improve the working conditions and boost productivity for people on the ground, while making accurate inventory data flow from the source to the decision-makers.

Our Value Proposition

For Ship Owners and Managers

The SparesCNX solution gives ship managers and owners fleetwide clarity on what exactly is onboard, in which exact location each part exists onboard, and the consumption patterns around these parts. This enables companies to manage procurement budgets more tightly, and have less cap-ex tied up in surplus parts.


The teams of engineers on board will enjoy smoother vessel handovers, as spares rooms will be standardised and digitised. Biannual reconciliations will no longer be the headache that they currently are, and locating parts in an emergency will be quick and painless. Receiving and organising shipments of new spares will become a seamless process.

For Suppliers

This is an opportunity to join a network that thrives on increased trust in the fullfillment of spare parts orders, and more consistency around demand.
In the short term, suppliers are able to reduce the length payment cycles through real-time proof-of-delivery supporting quicker invoicing.
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